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Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

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We offer two trips every day and as an advantage of diving in small groups, we are able to offer unique opportunities to do 'drop off', deep and night dives.
We also schedule our trips to avoid being on a dive site with too many divers.

For certified divers, our experienced Divemasters ensure safe, fun and relaxed diving around the island. Their knowledge and familiarity of the sites gives you the best chance to find and observe the varied marine life and ecosystems we have here around Koh Tao.

After the day’s diving our Divemasters are always pleased to log the dives and discuss and identify the aquatic life you have been seeing with the help of our marine life library.

We offer as well night dives on a regular basis

Start at 1000 ฿

Morning :      6 am to  10:30

After noon :  12 pm to  4:30

Night Dives : 6 pm to a 7:30 pm

  • 1 dive 1000 ฿ Morning or afternoon
  • 2 to 5 dives 900/dive ฿ Morning or Afternoon
  • 6 dives + 800/dive ฿ Morning or Afternoon
  • Night dive 1250/dive ฿ Includes the torch
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Diving in Koh Tao

Koh Tao has the reputation of being the main training center for dive students in South East Asia.

At Seashell we offer a wide range of courses and tailor made diving packages for certified divers with all levels of experience.

With two trips each day our divers can explore the unique local aquatic environment guided by our knowledgeable staff. We only work in small groups to ensure a safe and personal customer service.
Enjoy our special trips to the beautiful Sail Rock every Wednesday and Saturday as well as regular events with our partners.

Discover the dive sites

Diving in Koh Tao

Wreck diving & Night Dive

In 2011, a ship from the Thai navy ( HTMS Sattakut 742) was sank as a part of an aftificial reef project .Itis a great dive for levels Advanced Open Water and above, but more importantly it is a perfect training dive for technical diver training, and as it is a very open wreck with lots of entry and exit points it makes a good training wreck for courses such as PADI Wreck Diver .
We organize as well regular night dive in one of the nearby dive sites, and especially on Twins or White Rock, which are great for that.

PADI Speciality

Wreck diving & Night Dive

PADI ReActivate & Scuba Review

Refresh your diving skills and knowledge

If it's been some time without diving, our Scuba Review program is the best way to get you comfortably back in to the water.

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As every diver has diferrent needs, we can offer you 2 different ways of refreshing your skills :

First we will go through the basic theory of diving ,equipment preparation and assembly and Buddy Checks for all participants.

  1. Scuba review in the sea (can be combined with a fun dive on the same trip). Perfect for divers who did a dive not so long ago but would like anyway to go through some (5) basic skills before diving again.
  2. Full refresh in our swimming pool. The best and safest way to go back diving if it has been many years ! We will cover with you all the confined session skills (20), including dive planning.We are here for you and will spend all the time you need to feel comfortable and safe again.

The schedule for the pool session is flexible depending on your needs


Start at 1500฿

Morning :     Theory and equipment

After noon : on the boat for the refresher followed by another dive

  • Reactivate in the pool 1500 ฿ Morning or afternoon
  • Reactivate + 1 dive 2400 ฿ Afternoon boat
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We are two French friends !
We passed our AOW here and.... it was amazing! Guillaume Instructor is a great teacher!
We pass 2 very good days with him. this diving shop is famous! Go ahead!! By Seb

Had a great time doing Advanced Open Water PADI here. Sheldon (my instructor) was a legend!
Very patient, funny and great dive buddy.
Everyone very nice and friendly! By Ned D

We had great days at Seashell while we where doing our Open Water and Advanced. Oceane was the perfect teacher. She's full of energy, a happy and funny person and has the cutes french accent for some words ;) We felt very safe during our course and would definitely recommend to do a course or fun dive at Seashell Divers! Thank you for the fun days, Oceane and Seashell-Team! By Pia & Eugen

I had a wonderful experience with Seashell when I did my Open Water class. My instructor, Guillaume Gagnon, greatly improved my experience. First of all, he listened to my needs and let me progress at my own pace. I highly recommend Seashell to all divers, both beginners and experienced. You will have a lot of fun in environment where safety is a priorité. By Yvon Laramee

We really enjoyed our Open Water course!
Oceane is a good teacher and we always felt very secure while diving :).

Lots regards By Hopski & Julian

 Sail Rock & Other day trips

Sail Rock & Other day trips

Join our diving day trip

Every Wednesday and Saturday, weather permitting, we will take you to the best dive site the gulf of Thailand can offer !

Sail Rock is a unique place between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, full of marine life with huge schools of fish. Meet and dive the famous chemney !

2800 thb including all equipement, breakfast, lunch and 2 dives .

With our trusted partners, we regularly organize diffferent day trips and special events to show you the best Koh Tao can offer. Please contact us for details.

Sail Rock & Other day trips
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