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Diving course in Koh Tao, Thailand

PADI Seashell Divers

Enhance your diving experiences further with a wide range of specialties

The price of each specialty can be very different depending on how many dives you have to do, and if there is any special rental equipement or material involved. Please contact us for a detailed offer. The specialties don't give any discount on accommodation.

seashell wreck diving koh tao
  • Under water Digital Photography to capture your own underwater discoveries and share with your friends.
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle for your own James Bond moment!
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Diving giving you longer dive time.
  • Deep Diving will take you to new depths of 40 meters opening up opportunities to explore more dive sites and find larger aquatic life or wreck diving too.
  • Wreck Diving learning how to penetrate wrecks safely
  • And many more to choose from . Please contact us for prices and details.
Start at 6000 ฿

Usually over 2 or 3 days, Morning or afternoon dives depending on the Specialty

  • Specialty 6000 ฿ With already 1 dive from the AOW, 3 more dives
  • Specialty 8000 ฿ Without 1 dive from the AOW, normally 4 dives
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We are two French friends !
We passed our AOW here and.... it was amazing! Guillaume Instructor is a great teacher!
We pass 2 very good days with him. this diving shop is famous! Go ahead!! By Seb

Had a great time doing Advanced Open Water PADI here. Sheldon (my instructor) was a legend!
Very patient, funny and great dive buddy.
Everyone very nice and friendly! By Ned D

We had great days at Seashell while we where doing our Open Water and Advanced. Oceane was the perfect teacher. She's full of energy, a happy and funny person and has the cutes french accent for some words ;) We felt very safe during our course and would definitely recommend to do a course or fun dive at Seashell Divers! Thank you for the fun days, Oceane and Seashell-Team! By Pia & Eugen

I had a wonderful experience with Seashell when I did my Open Water class. My instructor, Guillaume Gagnon, greatly improved my experience. First of all, he listened to my needs and let me progress at my own pace. I highly recommend Seashell to all divers, both beginners and experienced. You will have a lot of fun in environment where safety is a priorité. By Yvon Laramee

We really enjoyed our Open Water course!
Oceane is a good teacher and we always felt very secure while diving :).

Lots regards By Hopski & Julian

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