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We offer a wide range of PADI Scuba Diving courses in many languages from intro dives for beginers to proffesional level Dive Master courses.

Your safety, comfort and enjoyment is our priority, we keep the groups small to ensure we have plenty of time for your training and plenty of dive time...

All courses include your training materials, equipment rental, certification and insurance, fan bungalows for the durattion of the course or 20% discount on the a/c options.

All our training is performance based so we only move on when we see you are ready, teaching in a maximum group of 4 allows you to have plenty of time to practice.

Download Medical Statement

Before any dive course, or if you haven't dived for a while and want to do a refresher "PADI scuba review" you will have to fill in a medical statement.

You will find here an example. If you have any doubt about answering "YES" to one or more of these questions, we advise you to do a medical check before coming to Koh Tao.

DSD (Discover Scuba Diving)

2000 baht
1300 for Addittional Dive

Never tried Scuba diving before? Do you want to try first before signing up for an Open Water Course? Then the Discover Scuba Diving program is for you. One of our Professional PADI Instructors will introduce you to your scuba equipment first, and then give you a thorough explanation on how we will interact responsibly with the aquatic life and communication procedures.

Keeping you safe at all times, we will start in very shallow water and practice a few skills. Once we see you are feeling comfortable underwater we will show you around one of our beautiful dive sites and see what marine life we can discover.

Overview: One day: Briefing in the morning, shallow water skills practice + dive on the reef.


Bubblemaker Students

Bubble Maker


Something for the kids, 8-10 years, half day program, one on one instruction.

Keeping it fun and safe, in shallow water they can have the chance to experience breathing underwater and enjoy the aquatic life on one of our shallow reefs.


PADI Open Water Course

9,000 baht (Jungle View)

10,000 baht (Garden View / Poolside)

The most popular certification course the Padi Open Water Diver, includes all equipment/insurance/ Padi certification fees/Padi manuals, log books, dive tables + 4 nights accommodation in a fan bungalow/20% discount on a/c accommodation.

  • Day 1 Orientation/Equipment preparation/Padi presentation videos
  • Day 2 Theory presentation, modules 1-3/Confined water dives (pool)
  • Day 3 Theory presentation, modules 4-5 + Test/ Open Water dives 1 and 2
  • Day 4 Open Water dives 3 + 4/ Certification and log books/advice for your future diving,


PADI Advanced Open Water

8500 baht
Continuing Education Price - 7,650 baht

Take the next step and increase your diving skills and knowledge. Explore deeper depths of the ocean with a certification to 30 meters. Become more orientated underwater with further navigation skills. Then you can choose 3 adventure dives.


Overview: 2 days, 5 adventure dives, some knowledge/academic sessions, no quiz.



On Request

Enhance your diving experiences further with a wide range of specialties which include:

Under water Digital Photography to capture your own underwater discoveries and share with your friends.

Diver Propulsion Vehicle for your own James Bond moment!

Enriched Air Nitrox Diving giving you longer dive time.

Deep Diving will take you to new depths of 40 meters opening up opportunities to explore more dive sites and find larger aquatic life or wreck diving too.

And many more to choose from…… contact us for prices and details.


Emergency First Response (First Aid Training)Emergency First Response

3,500 baht

1 Day First Aid Training a prerequisite to the Rescue Diver course, Includes Primary and Secondary care, First Aid Oxygen use, Theory and practical application and final scenarios.

We like to spend a full day so you have plenty of time to practice through the practical skills, This course is taught by our in house Dive Medic.


PADI Rescue Course

9,500 baht
Continuing Education Price - 8,550 baht

Ready for a challenge?

  • Responding to Diver Emergencies and Self Rescue Techniques
  • Recognizing Rescue Situations, Effective rescue skills require thought before action.
  • Accident Management. Emergency care and first aid for common aquatic life injuries
  • Problem Solving on the surface and underwater
  • Responding Effectively to equipment problems
  • First Aid for pressure related- injuries and Oxygen Administration

Overview: 3-4 days, morning academics and knowledge reviews and multi-choice quiz. Practical skills training sessions + 2 final scenarios


Divemaster Course

25,000 baht (Price does not include materials and accommodation)

Our Divemaster program at Seashell Divers has gained a strong reputation over the years, we have seen great results and have helped many people get into work after the program.

We have a structure that has proven to work, we don't do the minimum, we put a lot in to your training, we usually run the course over 4-6 weeks.


  • Orientation to The Padi/ Seashell Divemaster Course
  • Boat orientation + Fun Dives
  • Theory Presentations/Supervising Students/Certified divers
  • Assisting Instructors/Divemasters
  • Theory Presentations/Physics/Physiology
  • Rescue Training and Assessments/Emergency Assistance Plan/Swim Tests and Stamina Exercise
  • Theory Presentations/Skills and Environment/DM Conducted Programs
  • Navigation Presentation/Mapping Project
  • Skills circuit (Demonstrating Skills)
  • Equipment Exchange/Swim Tests and Stamina Exercise
  • Theory presentation and Practical application/Equipment Service and Maintenance/Compressor Orientation
  • Theory Presentation/Decompression Theory and The RDP
  • Divemaster Conducted Programs/Certified Divers In Open Water, Practical Application/ Boat Manager Duties/Final Assessments
  • Search and Recovery Scenario
  • Deep Dive Scenario
  • Skin Diver Course and Snorkeling Supervision
  • Discover Scuba Diving Program
  • Celebrations/BBQ and Beers
  • Internship Options and Advice for your future diving


D.A.N Oxygen Provision Course

4,000 baht
Continuing Education Price - 3,500 baht

1 Day Course run by our Manager/Dive Medic

Includes…Theory Presentation and Practical application

Advanced Physiology, D.C.I and Diving Injuries/Benefits and Hazards Of Oxygen

C.P.R Refresh/Oxygen Equipment Assembly and Disassembly
Use of Demand and Continuous Flow Systems and Rescue Breaths With Oxygen
Scenario Practice/1 Injured Diver/2 Injured Divers

Advice for preparing your own Oxygen system and Emergency Action Plan/Presentation On Basic Hyperbaric Medicine/Certifications


We can also organise diving course packages if you are thinking of doing a range of courses with us or going to professional level Instructor Training.

Contact us for details...