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The resort was established in 2000 and Seashell Divers Padi 5 Star Dive Resort launched in 2001. Situated on the beach at the North end of the popular Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, the resort is surrounded by spacious lush tropical gardens, with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

We offer excellent facilities that meet the demands of today's travellers and at the same time catering for all budgets.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an exciting activity suitable for all ages.

Koh Tao has the reputation of being the main training centre for dive students in South East Asia.

At Seashell we offer a wide range of courses and tailor made diving packages for certified divers with all levels of experience.

With two trips each day our divers can explore the unique local aquatic environment guided by our knowledgeable staff. We only work in small groups to ensure a safe and personal customer service.

The Crew

Our skilled and experienced multilingual crew enjoys working in small groups so they can provide the best diving experiences for you

Dedicated to safe, responsible diving practices and understanding the importance of respecting the sensitive marine eco systems we have.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of safety with professional, personal and friendly training.

This has given us our strong reputation within the diving community.

Meet the Crew

Mike Vancells


Manager since 2004

Padi I.D.C. Staff Instructor

Dive Medic Technician (Royal Adelaide Hospital)

D.A.N. Instructor/E.F.R instructor

Equipment Technician

Languages-English/Spanish/Basic Thai

I started working at Seashell in 2003 as a Divemaster and Instructor, felt at home straight away, having a perfect location and happy with the standard of the facilities here I realized very quickly this was the company for me. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of very experienced staff over the years who have all brought their different qualities to us.

The way we work together as a team is where it starts, our customers can see this straight away giving the right atmosphere for everyone to feel at ease and see the enthusiasm, professionalism and pride we have in our work.

Thomas Alegre



Languages-French/English/Spanish -basic-.

Former journalist and compulsive traveller, i grew up in Montpellier, near the mediterranean. I've been feeding on Cousteau's documentaries and books ever since i was a toddler.

As life flowed, i had put aside my dreams of diving the big blue for long years, until...

I came for the first time in Koh Tao in 2011 to visit a friend : he was divemaster trainee at Seashell at the time. I immediately fell under the charm of the warm welcome as well as the professionalism with which Seashell Divers hummed. I knew instantly that i would return.

So i came back for an Open Water course in 2012... and found myself in a family. Now working as Divemaster in seashell, sharing my passion for sealife in general.



Padi Specialty Instructor

Head Instructor at Seashell since 2009

Languages-English/ French

As soon as Jo started with us we knew we wanted to keep her! She very quickly became part of the team. Known for her patience, professionalism and passion for diving and the underwater world, her customers keep coming back to us for more!

Alongside her teaching she is now more involved with the Divemaster training program and helping with staff training.

Captain P'Too & Boat Boy Bai

Lung Pon

Probably one of the younger captains in this area but that's not to say he lacks experience, he has been on dive boats since the age of 10, with his experience & knowledge of the local area we are more than happy to have him as our captain.

Their priority is to take us safely to the best dive sites, make sure everyone is comfortable on board & to ensure everyone has an enjoyable trip.

Long Ju

Long Ju

Long Ju has been a Seashell legend for several years now. Driving a longtail full of divers to our diveboat is not as easy as he makes it look! Skilful and reliable, we all feel safe when Long Ju is at the helm!

Jeff Kirschman

Jeff Kirschman


PADI Staff Instructor

DAN O2 provider

French / English

I came to Koh Tao the first time in 1999 to complete my rescue course and like everybody else I fell in love straight away with this beautiful island and I couldn't leave it!

I became an instructor in 2002 and I have been working for several dive shops on Koh Tao but after doing some free lance work for Seashell in 2007 I realized it was definitely THE place to be.

Managing the shop with Mike since 2008, it is for me every day the same pleasure to share experience and professionalism with our great multicultural team.

Neil Thursfield

Julien Beraud


I completed my open water course at seashell in April 2006. After several years traveling & diving around the world I finally decided to embark on a career in the dive industry in January 2011. There was only one choice for me when I came to decide where to do my Divemaster training & that was back at Seashell. I'm happy to say that the same warm, friendly and professional atmosphere was still here when I returned. Since then I have been working here full time, first as a Divemaster and now as an instructor.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

Head Divemaster at Seashell since 2010


After finally making the decision to leave England and return to Seashell Divers (with whom I did my Advanced Open Water course in 2004), I started my Divemaster training in March 2010. I was lucky enough to start working for Seashell almost immediately after completing the course. The course itself, and the job, are the best things I have ever done – rewarding, sometimes challenging, often hard work, but always fun. We have a fantastic team here at Seashell, all of whom helped me through the Divemaster course and the first few weeks of the job and now, as head Divemaster, I can help and encourage the new Divemaster trainees.

I look forward to continuing to work here at Seashell for a long time to come, and, with the standards that are in place, can't imagine a better place to come and dive.

Anna Bildstein-Hagberg

Paul Thompson


Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English and German.

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1977.
I did my Open Water course in Cyprus 2010. In 2011 I arrived in Koh Tao with 10 dives and I decided to do my AOW. It took me two whole days and then I was hooked....

I did all my training with Seashell Divers. From AOW to Divemaster. I also did my instructor internship with Seashell Divers.

Being able to introduce the wonderful under waterworld to other people is one of the most rewarding things that I have done.